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Temporarily disable all property sets in a drawing.

Temporarily disable all property sets in a drawing.

Some drawings particularly with code containing loops or for next statements tend to slow the drawings down considerably. I believe this is predominantly due to VBScript which is less helpful and slower than the .Net API.


Presently I am removing property sets manually from all object then adding them again, as some entities should not have property sets added to them this is a bit of a slow workaround and has the potential for some to be missed at production.


To assist it would be helpful for either functionality of .net to be included and / or the ability to temporarily prevent Property sets from being populated would enable a speedier workflow. They could then be set back on prior to production drawing.





Hi Mike,


Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Just to clarify, when working with Property Sets, there is a setting called 'AECPSDAUTOATTACH' which is known to cause slowdown on drawings with a large number of property sets. Can you check this is switched to 'off'.


Another thing you could look into is the Standardized Data Tool (SDT), which can help with assigning Property Sets in bulk (It also allows for import and export of the properties). This can be downloaded from your account portal ( Under Civil 3D / Extensions / Standardized Data Tool vxxx for Civil 3D xxx




Status changed to: Under Review

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