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Template name as a property of the object

Template name as a property of the object

In my opinion, "Template name" for objects is good but is only available when you create the object.

For example, if you create a layout profile that option is only available in the dialog box. Ifyou want a format such as: <alignment´s name> and you don´t use a template during the creation, then part of the name of the profile is not linked with the name of the parent alignment.

So, <template name> should have a property similar as we can do for the Parcel object.


Template name should appear in the Profile Properties dialog box. The same for another objects which are linked to another objects. For example: Corridor surface should have a <template name> to take the name of its corridor as part of the corridor surface.


Or at least, when we create a corridor surface, the posibility to use a <template name>.

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