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Switch Corridor in Corridor Section Editor

Switch Corridor in Corridor Section Editor

The Corridor Section Editor is a great tool but is time consuming when trying to QC a model. While in the section editor, it is slow to swap to a different active corridor.  Currently, my options are:


  • exit the section editor, select the new corridor, enter section editor. If you select a frequency line it will go to the station you selected.
  • while in section editor, select another corridor in plan view, right-click and open the section editor again. It will default to the start station of the baseline. 


Entering and exiting section editor can be very slow. While in section editor, I would like a pull-down list of corridors and their regions so that we can quickly change the active corridor. Also, I would like it to recognize the station range of the regions within a corridor and not the entire station range of the baseline.

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It doesn´t make sense the Corridor Section Editor if we can´t see several corridors section at the time.

For example, if you have an entrance ramp in another corridor then I can see both corridor sections in the Section Views but you cannot do that in the Corridor Section Editor..

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