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Survey Autolinework Next Huge Advancement!

Survey Autolinework Next Huge Advancement!

It would be great to have an autoconnect feature.  It would work like the following:


If an offset line ends within 0.2' horizontally (parameter option available for tolerance for each user), and 0.2' vertically from a point with a descriptor (to be another option.  It could be called "autoconnect descriptors" and then give an option to choose descriptors from the Desckey sets) it would connect automatically.


This would be great where you have curb ending with offsets, and asphalt continuing.  Your crew takes the last BC H.55 H.67 V-.5 E, then shoots the beginning of the asphalt EA B, and since the B.2 line falls within (parameter vertical and horizontal), the software connects the end of the B.2 to the EA.

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