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Surface Smoothing Object that's DYNAMIC

Surface Smoothing Object that's DYNAMIC

The current method of smoothing a surface basically allows the user to add additional points to the surface definition.  But then if the surrounding breaklines are modified, the smoothing needs to be completely redone because those additional points are still in the surface definition unless you remove the smoothing operation from the definition.


I'd like to have a new custom object called a SURFACE SMOOTHING OBJECT.  It will be attached to a specific surface at a specific location.  C3D would basically build the surface using all the data in the definition BEFORE the smoothing.  Then those "additional points" will be added per the same parameters that was used when the object was created -- but based on the updated triangles.  Then the re-build would continue past the smoothing object.


Also:  now that it's a custom object, I can click it in the drawing editor and remove it from the surface definition (or even change the parameters the object uses).

Status changed to: Accepted

I'm not sure if it needs to be a separate object, but it definitely needs to be something that can be modified after the fact. Edit it from the edits list in the surface.

And if we do that, we should be able to edit all the other items in the edit list.


Mostly to repeat what's stated above, but for a alternative conclusion, what I consider important in the dynanism of smoothing boundaries is:

1) the ability to define the area of smoothing by dynamic extents of surface

2) if smoothing area is defined by a polygon, similar dynanism with surface boundaries is expected  (editable polyline etc)

3) the ability to state fixed order of selected surface operations (keep smoothing or boundary  operation last in a surface definition etc; a similar wish here


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