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Surface Section Editor (viewer)

Surface Section Editor (viewer)

Currently, Civil 3D has the "Section Editor" (ViewEditCorridorSection) to show the corridor sections in an editor (viewer).




What happens if I want to show my surface sections in an editor and we haven´t created a corridor?  We can´t do it.


So, it would be great a "Surface Section Editor" where we can show the surface sections and we can choose an station faster, without a corridor, only with the frecuency of a choosen SampleLine Group.


I made a command in my app "VisorNET" to apply zoom object in each section view in the Model Space, but obviously is not a Powerful tool.

You can choose an station from a list in a palette.


ALL Civil softwares has an own viewer (editor) to show the surface sections. I repeat : ALL.


This is an example:




Note: we must be able to add several surfaces in the surface section editor maybe a "add sources" like in The SampleLine Groups.


Yes, I know that I can create a profile to use it in the BaseLine, an empty assembly and then create a corridor.

This way, I would be able to show the surface sections in the "ViewEditCorridorSection".


But, why I need so many things?....


I think that it would be the best solution:


Currently, the "ViewEditCorridorSection" command is exclusive for Corridor objects, but Autodesk staff could extend this functionality to SampleLineGroups too.


So, if we select a SampleLine, we will have the "ViewEditCorridorSection" available in the context ribbon.

This way, the frecuency doesn´t come from the corridor frequency but the sampleLineGroup stations.


In other words, we would be able to use the "ViewEditCorridorSection" either for Corridor objects or SampleLineGroups.

I must admit a seperate viewer is a great idea. As it doesnt create a whole bunch of content in the drawing view that keeps needing to be udpated. Quite often creating a lot of section views in your drawing slows things down quite a lot..


Not to mention you woudn't need to keep zoomign around everywhere in your second viewport everytime you make a change to an alignment or sampleline. (Very annoying!)



Creating a lot of sections views spends a lot of system resources and the drawing file weights more..and it takes more time to save the drawing.

In fact, I never create section views in my drawing during the design for this reason.


A lot of times, the surveyor needs to show surface sections from 2 surfaces in a viewer but he doesn't have any corridor.


Overall, I do like the idea.  I think I'd want it to be very similar to the one the corridor uses now:  a plan view, section view and profile view.  Allow me to change the surface(s) by changing the defining objects (such as featurelines/points etc) and see the resulting changes in the separate views.


It would also be helpful if I could SELECT a FL in the plan view and then gripedit the FL in the section view to chagne the elevation.  If I change to the next samle line station, the FL would stay selected and allow me to gripedit the elevation there too.




In addition, a profile Editor, at least, to show the viewer in a ViewPort.

I don´t like to show the profile view in a ViewPort. I hate it...

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