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Surface Breakline Select

Surface Breakline Select

Make the Select option work for breaklines.

When you drill down in the Surface definition you can expand the Breaklines and highlight.

With a right-click the options appear.

The existing select option should actually Select the entity that defines the breakline.

Now it does nothing.

The "Zoom to" option helps a little but not much use in a breakline intensive surface.


I agree - more specifically, you shouldn't even have to right-click on each breakline item in the table & then have to pick from a drop-down. Should be quick & easy: click on a row and item(s) automatically highlighted (ideally selected) in the view.


I agree, and would like to extend this same behavior to the Event Viewer dialog which pops-up when a surface with crossing feature lines is rebuilt and the breakline is not added to the surface.  Please highlight the "offending" feature line(s) when we click the "zoom" and ideally circle or highlight the location of the crossing.  This would greatly speed the process of de-bugging surfaces.  

Status changed to: Accepted

Thanks for bringing this up again. This seems like a bug, so I logged it as CIVIL-46621 and we'll research a fix.

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