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SuperElevationCriticalStation type Manual with Description.

SuperElevationCriticalStation type Manual with Description.

I have my app (.NET API) to calculate SuperElevation Critical Stations.


The first time that I made my command, I added the properly type (typestation) for each new SuperElevation Critical Station, which could be:


                   EndShoulderRollover      527
  BeginShoulderRollover 526  
  ShoulderBreakOver 525  
  Manual 524  
  ReverseCrown 523  
  LowShoulderMatch 522  
  LevelCrown 521  
  EndAlignment 520  
  EndNormalCrown 519  
  EndNormalShoulder 518  
  EndFullSuper 517  
  BeginFullSuper 516  
  BeginNormalShoulder 515  
  BeginNormalCrown 514  
  BeginAlignment 513


However, the SuperElevation critical stations appear disordered in the table if we don´t assign a SuperElevation Curve for each SuperElevationCritical Station.

The solution is make all SuperElevation Critical Stations with the type=Manual.

But there is a trouble with the SuperElevation Critical Station = Manual type, and this is I can´t show the type that I consider for that SuperElevation Critical Station.

The prefix which is displayed in the label  in SuperElevation View or SuperElevation band in a profile view  is "Manual"


In the drawing settings: abbreviation tab, we can change the value "Manual" for the Manual Type:




But this new value it will be for all the SuperElevation Critical stations Manual type, so why not display in the SuperElevation labels our edit text such as the following image?





There are some troubles if we don´t specify the SuperElevation Curve for a new SuperElevation Critical Station.

In my opinion, I think is stupid the "SuperElevation Curve" concept, because it is only important the station and the SuperElevation for lane, shoulder,..

Perhaps, why not disable this option (SuperElevation Curve) by the user?


For example, if I add all SuperElevation critical stations type Manual using API without specfifying its SuperElevationCurve, then the SuperElevation type label is not showed in the band in the profile view:






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