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Suggestion for AutoCAD not AutoCAD Civil

Suggestion for AutoCAD not AutoCAD Civil



First of all, apologies if this is in the wrong thread, but there is no AutoCAD option for Ideas, but I suppose this would apply to multiple products. 


I often review drawings while someone is working on them so they can make changes on the fly. I usually do so by opening it in read only mode.


However, what would be great is if there was an "open as xref" option - so that as they make changes and update the drawing I am notified and can reload it. I realise this is possible by inserting there drawing into a new drawing as an xref but would be very useful if you could do this without that step. 






As you review drawings how are you making comments or requesting revisions?  Is this really a practical way to be doing reviews?  We have "milestones" that are reached prior to a review and the use Bluebeam to red-line comments that are then sent back to the designer for changes to the drawing.


We use also use bluebeam most of the time, but in some cases it's easier to do it live rather than back and forth with the designer. Saves, going back and forth. No markups are being drawn on the drawing, just relaying questions back to the designer over skype. So yes, it is practical. 


We also work in a "live" open space office, so comments are flying around constantly.  Does save the back and forth, but I guess we consider it collaboration rather than a review.  Our Engineers use DWG Trueview to avoid read-only, but that doesn't address your question and it doesn't update automatically either.


Would be nice, to have an option to "open a dwg for comments" in autocad. Xrefing is not an option anyway for this, as you don't get the layouts.


But this is solved with Design review already I guess, designer loads the dwf comments with "markup" command, haven't tested the workflow myself though.




The DWF workflow is actually pretty good but it's difficult to get traction with the designers.  Doesn't help that it was officially discontinued (and may still be, even though there's a 2018 DR release).


One point of note is that a casual "back and forth" has no records of what gets changed.  Markups are highly valuable for traceability as there's usually questions later about "Why did this change from ____ to ____?" or even more important "Whoa, wait - where did _____ disappear to?  Who approved that, and why wasn't I notified?".


We used DR until it didn't work, then for a number of reasons switched to BlueBeam.  We create pdf forms for inspection reports and other things, so it seemed to make sense to use one product even if DR is free.


Our back and forth is usually while a design is coming together internally, no reviews at this stage so no later questions.  We also have a reasonably good tracking process for "major" changes.

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