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Subassembly: Get value from: <<Global variable>>

Subassembly: Get value from: <<Global variable>>

I would like that Civil 3D would have Global variables to save some input parameters of a particular subassembly.


For example, this is a typical case where I have 2 corridors.

Corridor 1 is using assembly_1 and Corridor 2 is using assembly_2, but both have the subassembly A. I will call this subassembly such as "SA_corridor1" and "SA_corridor2" respectively.


This subassembly has the input parameters:


- Shoulder width of corridor_1

-Shoulder Width of corridor_2


If I edit these parameters in the subassembly "SA_corridor1",  then I will have to edit manually the same parameters in the subassembly "SA_corridor2"

I mean that we have to match some input parameters in 2 subassemblies.


They are not OUTPUT parameters, they are INPUT parameters AND THEY DON´T GET A "use parameter" from an output parameter of a previous subassembly, so I would like a tool in Civil 3D where we can add "global variables" in this case:

- Shoulder width of the main corridor.

-Shoulder Width of the secondary corridor.


Where I point this parameters of the subassembly "SA_corridor1" and I define a variable with them.


Later, in the SA_corridor2 subassembly, for these parameters , I select "use parameter" but instead of choosing an output parameter, I choose the variable´s name  that I created previously.





 The "global variable" will have a "default value" which will be used in case we remove the assembly SA_corridor1"


Another example.


Imagine that we have 5 Regions in the corridor with a daylight slope (input parameter: cut slope).


Every region has its assembly which contains this daylight slope.


If we want that the region fourth and five have the same cut slope that the first region, I only have to add this input parameter (from the assembly of the region 1) to a new Global Variable.


Then, the subassembly "daylight slope" in the region fourth and five will have : Get value from: (we select this new Global variable) in the cut slope input parameter row.


This will be very dinamic because if we change the "cut slope" in the assembly in the first region, we won´t have to edit the assembly of the firth and five region.


Obviously, the input parameter "cut slope" in the assembly  for the first region won´t be able to use a "get parameter from" a previous subassembly because we could do this the reverse operation.


First and fourth region take the value from the five region.

This way, Civil 3D doesn´t need to control this.



@joantopo is right. This idea in neccesary to be realize in Civil 3D.

Also I created a theme with detail description of current limitation:


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