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Subassembly Composer: Shape API Function for Area

Subassembly Composer: Shape API Function for Area

I would love to see a Subassembly Composer API Function for the area of a shape. This would be especially useful when one of the shape links is a surface link and therefore calculating the area using simple geometry is not really an option. (For example it would be nice to be able to generate two shapes and compare their area and then utilize a decision based on which one has more area.)


If this was an API function it would also therefore be helpful if there were auxiliary shapes so that the comparison could happen even if you do not want the shape in your final subassembly.


Hi, @KMercier_C3D I totally agree with you, your idea would be great. Tell you what? today I was trying to set an output parameter as the result of a subtraction of two shape areas, and as you said, in one of those shapes, a surface link was involved. I was looking for information about my intention, and finally, I got here. I have to say that it is disappointing that by now such capabilities like these are still not possible. I hope Autodesk takes this into account and makes the API more powerful in the coming releases of the subassembly composer. My regards


PD: You should open a personal web site, I love to read your posts in the Autodesk forums since you have such great content to share with others. Bye!

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