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SubAssembly Composer: Quickly Find Point, Line, Shape in PKT

SubAssembly Composer: Quickly Find Point, Line, Shape in PKT

It would be great if we could select a point, line or shape in the Preview pane and browse to where it is used in the flowchart or some sort of workflow vice versa (flow chart to preview location). On complex subassemblies or ones you are not familiar with, this would be helpful to quickly find the point, line, or shape and where it's referenced.


When you first start a new SA, place a point at the origin.  Then place everything relative to that point INSTEAD of the actual origin.  Now if you need to change the location point of the attachement, you can do so easily.


Treat your point as though it is the origin.  You just move it relative to what SAC/C3D thinks is the origin.


Thanks @don.ireland. I think this comment was supposed to be for my other Idea Station item..


Anyways - my issue is that I inherited a complex subassembly done by someone else where this was not done this way from the beginning, thus it's not a simple place a point and go. You have to go through and find everything referencing the Origin. If we could just control the X,Y of the origin, then we wouldn't have to do this workaround. It was just a thought as I was making the modifications to help move a origin point to a new location in the subassembly.

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