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Subassembly Composer: Open point or link properties directly

Subassembly Composer: Open point or link properties directly

Hi everyone, 

I think it would be a big help if we could open the point or link properties directly by clicking on it, even when they are created in one ore more sub-flowcharts or sub-sequences. For the time being, we need to navigate to that flowchart/sequence first, where the point was created and that is sometimes very time consuming. I have some subassemblies with flowcharts on five ore more levels and changing a parameter is really annoying. Creating all points in one flowchart or sequence is also not an option and almost impossible. I am sure that the engineers can enable this simple feature, as the path of the point within a subassembly is known for sure.


Thank you 


Almin Salkic

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In my opinion, SAC needs contextual menus. For example, if we select a point in the chart, if we do right click on the point to show the contextual menu, it could have the option "go to in the flowchart.."

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