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SubAssemblies - Match Input Parameters

SubAssemblies - Match Input Parameters

The ability to match input parameters from one SubAssembly to another or multiple SA selections would be extremely useful. Much like the MATCHPROP command that matches layer, color, linetype, etc for basic ACAD objects. I see this new MATCHSAPARAM command to be able to

  • Ask for a selection of the source SubAssebly
  • Read all the input variables from the source SA
  • Ask for selection of destination SA's (single/window/crossing) and be able to filter out non-subassembly objects
  • Apply read -in values from source SA to matching Parameter variables found in the destination SA's.
  • It should not matter if the SA's are not even the same .NET Class or NAME. It only looks at the Parameter variable names.


  • A travel lane has variables for Pavement lifts, base/subBase materials, Superelevation, Slope direction, link/point/shape codes, etc, etc.
  • Shoulder, Ditching, Fill/Cut slope SA's may have many ,if not all, of the same parameters that need to be filled in with the exact same info.

Here is an example of a Lane and Shoulder SubAssembly. Notice the number of duplicate parameters and the reduction in human error that would be eliminated if this MATCHSAPARAM command was created.

Lane SALane SA

Shoulder SAShoulder SA

Now consider dozens of Assemblies in your dwg that contain multiple SubAssemblies on left and right sides and Conditional branches that need to be updated to a revised design standard? It is a colossal hassle to do this now.

I do realize one can select multiple SA's of the same .NET Class Name and revise the parameters in the Properties palette, but you are still modifying each parameter singularly and will not work on different SA's.



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An additional request for this tool would be for a dialog pop-up after selection of the source SA that will list all the input variables names, current input values (that are editable) and a check box beside each variable.

By default all variables would have be checked.  Any variables you don't want applied to output SA's just uncheck the check box.

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