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kill YOUR @#$%^ STYLES required for everything!!!!


make a program that works without a zillion styles for everything

you have lost touch with reality.



I have come to _really_ dislike Styles.


If we simplify the number of Styles we need, by placing on "0" layer, EXPORTTOAUTOCAD isn't smart enough to explode to the Object layer. 


Label components cannot  not be assigned to different layers, so we're left to assign static colors, and create a bunch of Style variants, or we must have duplicate labels on the same object (that play nice with each other even in dragged state). 


Particularly for labels, I would much prefer Civil 3D Objects just expose their properties to the FIELD engine; not saying there aren't exceptions, but even now, after working with Civil 3D for years, I'm dealing with having to create myriad Styles on the fly just to complete a project submittal, and it's is a nightmare. 


Dont nut even get me started on label / COGO scaling - AutoCAD already had annotation scales, and Civil 3D screwed it all up, so now we have to have two entirely different scaling mechanisms. #ConsistencyMuch


@BlackBox_ not sure about that. I read elsewhere that C3D had it's scaling method before AutoCAD came along with Annotative stuff. If so it's a nice explanation of why they don't play nice together, but still not a good enough excuse.


I already posted that idea, so head over there if you do want to get started on it. Smiley LOL

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I will say this, I do believe OOTB its hard to configure the styles. However, I think "we" had some company setup our styles to be on the right layers and all that stuff. Once its set up, it works pretty great.  However, if you styles are not in a drawing your working in... it can be a nightmare.


I feel your pain. If your idea/recommendation is to create a complete new non-style based product, I am not sure that this is the appropriate venue.


Civil 3d is fully style based. Styles are flexible and powerful. Out of the box, (OOTB) the styles provided by Autodesk are horrible to the point of being useless.


I think your idea/recommendation might be to provide usable and styles OOTB. 


I believe in the 80-20 rule. If the styles provided OOTB were 80% correct, requiring me to customize an additional 20%, I would be thrilled.


I believe the actual OOTB mix is 20-80 at best.


A few examples: (My opinions. I think these would be for the majority of Imperial users, but do not claim to speak for all.)


  • Angular units should be deg/min/sec units not decimal degrees.
  • Label lengths to hundredths not thousandths
  • Label angles to nearest second, not hundredths of seconds.

Maybe the new Style Management capabilities of Civil 3D 2017 can help with the multitude of styles you're creating. There's a video on the What's New in Civil 3D page. Scroll down to the Project Management section and click on the Reference Styles Utility video for more information about how it works.


Tom Richardson

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Mr. Richardson

Thank you for the reply.
The company I work for will not be updating Civil 3D for some time . . .
(out company "cad expert" does not like Civil 3D, he was good with LDD and now knows almost nothing about 3D)

The main point is - there are too many styles required to produce a set of plans.
And I wonder what option Autodesk has on that subject.
And the company I work for will not be paying to have someone setup the styles correctly or training so someone can learn how-to information.

Thanks for your time.
Charles A. Hall
Civil eit



When Civil 3D first appeared on the market, I spent more of my personal time than paid work hours and training classes learning how to use it and later creating templates for my employer at the time. That time I spent was an investment in my future career opportunities. I didn't let the fact that I wasn't the current "cad expert" stop me from learning the new software. It helped establish me as the new "cad expert" not only with my employer at the time, but with my network of contacts at other companies as well. Maybe you could do the same. FWIW.


Tom Richardson
CAD Manager
Crossing the line with Civil 3D
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