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Styles: Allow elements to be set proportionally to Text Height

Styles: Allow elements to be set proportionally to Text Height

Many of the "spacing" elements in a Civil 3D Label Style are closely related to text height.

Examples are X Offset, Y Offset, Gap, Dragged text Height, Arrow Head size, etc.


If I change the text height, these elements need to be changed proportionally. This cold be dynamic if these elements could be tied to text height. 

For example, Gap might be set 0.25T, where T refers to text height; Text 0.06 high would have a 0.25 Gap and Text 0.125 high would have a 0.0315 Gap.


Similarly, I would like to be able to set text height based on the default style text height. Say I have a callout header that should be 50% larger that normal notes. I would like to specify the text height as 1.5D, where D refers to the default text height. Changing the default text height from 0.06 to 0.125 would adjust typical label text from 0.06 to 0.0125, but the callout header would change from 0.09 (1.5 x 0.06) to 0.135 (1.5 x 1.25)


Many of these elements can currently set by referring to expressions. (Gap is not one of them) This is a partial solution; a lot of expressions might be needed for fine tuning. Even if these expressions are well structured, it is not dynamic.   

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