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Stuctures and pipes - Increase level of detail

Stuctures and pipes - Increase level of detail

To whom it may concern.


Our customers are starting to ask for more detailed 3D models than what I'm used to producing in C3D.


Because of this some assignments are now done in Bentley Open Roads as it seem like they can produce a 3D model export with much greater detail.


As of now I am delivering my projects with a LOD300 but I cannot deliver with LOD325 as the detail requirements of structures and pipes are just too great.
LOD325 requires the structures to be shown with the corrugated shaft, concrete cone and inspection cover.

Pipes with bends and branches and also pipe connections.



A colleague of mine sent me this 3D illustration of a gully to show how detailed Bentley Open Roads depicts items in their software.




I have tried adding more details in the part builder but it doesn't work properly.


I hope the part builder can be reworked so that our 3D models are able to fit our customers needs.


Please contact me if you should have any questions in regards to the above.


Also please check out

DiKon’s vision is to develop improved industry standards, that builds upon a joint understanding of the need for efficient standards, which supports the collaboration in the digital building process. This includes setting the standards of 3D models in projects. It is the vision of DiKon that all projects in Denmark should follow the guide lines.
The standards of DiKon has been well received by all of the largest companies in Denmark.
The Danish Road Directorate as well as Rail Net Denmark (both danish government agencies) are co-authors of these industry standards and have already implemented them in several projects.


Thank you.

Status changed to: Under Review

Hello @mhvNPD59 . Thank you for your idea. I understand you have tried using Part Builder to increase the level of detail for your parts. Have you tried to do the same by building parts in Infrastructure Parts Editor? 


Good afternoon, may I suggest you try my solution to this problem:
I've been working on it for a long time, with the intention of being a more viable alternative to the civil 3D pipenetwork/pressurenetwork.

In it, you will have a modeler similar to the Subassembly Composer, which allows you to create 3D models much more easily than the partbuilder and which allows LOD above 300

You can check a sample of its capabilities by downloading the catalog I developed for Brazil:

The program is under development, so the help is still in Brazilian Portuguese. You can use Google's translation service to view this online help

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