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Structure Labels - Combine Similar Pipe Data

Structure Labels - Combine Similar Pipe Data

I'd like an option to be added for structure labels to clean up the output and take up less space on a plan.


Currently, if you want to add a "Text for Each" pipe connected, you end up with one line of text for each pipe, so that my pipe info is formatted as follows if I have 4 pipes connected to a manhole:







Traditionally, the way my company would have displayed the data on a plan would be to combine all pipes of the same size and invert elevation into one line, as follows:


FL8"=350.00(N,S,E & W)


The advantages for drafting on a crowded sheet are huge when you drop from 4 lines of text to one line.  I'd like for the structure labels to have an option to automatically join "similar" pipes (same invert elevation and pipe size) and update the pipe direction to account for each pipe.


If not automated, an option to choose two lines of "Text for Each" and join them manually or hide individual lines of my choosing, such that I don't end up with 4 lines of text if I want to combine them.


Honestly, I would be fine eliminating the (N, S, E, & W) if there was only one invert.  The point of the designations is to prevent confusion as to which pipe is a given invert.


I propose there is a check box for structure label styles that eliminates inverts if the size and elevation are the same.

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How is this not getting more attention?  How is everyone working around this?  I like C3D dynamically labeling the structures, but the redundant labeling in this example is very common and I'm tired of reading through all of them when checking plans.  It seems like being able to code the label to ignore an invert and size of a pipe connection that matches the invert and size of another pipe connection would be simple.


I think that AutoDesk is more focused on the design aspect and less on the plan production side.  I find that many times I can get the program to give me 90% of what I want on a plan, but the last 10% is like pulling teeth.  It's either impossible or ridiculously hard to get it to do what you want.  All the design information is there, but formatting it the correct way for your plan can be a challenge. 


Half the time I end up using plain CAD for certain elements and just using the design tools for reference to get the numbers to put into MText or a text override on my labels. 


I would have thought that this particular issue would be a more common problem for people, but I was surprised when I didn't get more people voting on it when I first posted it.


This is a great Idea and was hoping for more votes on this.  This is really needed.  We have plans that are strictly plan view and have no profiles.  So having smaller labels would help a lot to add this combined data. Along with the other data that is needed on the sheet.


Don't hold your breath.  I submitted this idea 6 years ago, along with some others.  I am not sure who they listen to, but it doesn't seem like they pay much attention to the ideas in the forums.  Too busy messing with the GUI and other new "features". 


The one or two ideas that I have chimed in on and they changed something generally caused more problems than help because they didn't fully implement and test it, but tried to slap something into the program.  I do not think that that people programming really use the program very much to know how it needs to operate.


My guess is that they mainly listen to large government agencies, given how the program suddenly had a bunch of rail features and examples around the time CA started the "high speed" rail fiasco. 

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