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Storm Pipe to Structure Analysis Tool

Storm Pipe to Structure Analysis Tool

I think it would be create if we had an analysis tool where I can select 1 or more pipe network and it would check pipe to Structure connections throughout the storm system. Sometimes because of time constraints, we overlook and don't verify if a pipe to structure is correct. For some example, we may have a 36-42" RCP pipe connected to 3' Junction Box. If you are just displaying the outside of your junction box on your plans, it may look correct visually but in the real world this would not work. You typically never want a pipe toughing the box walls. The 42" would not work in this situation either. The feature I am asking for would be for  situation. The feature tool would highlight the structure for me.


Though I could create a rule style every single structure size and type, having this feature would be nice to have. Civil 3D would know if a pipe outside wall is touching or encroaching into a structure wall. This feature would also check pipe horizontal bends deflections to ensure they are true 30, 45, 60 bends. Though I can find work arounds for this still nice to have as a double check tool.. 

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Peter Funk

Sr. Product Manager

Autodesk, Inc.

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