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Storm Distribution for SCS hydrograph

Storm Distribution for SCS hydrograph

Virginia jurisdictions required to use NOAA Storm Distribution Type C for the stormwater design by using SCS Hydrograph but I could not find Type C storm distribution under the storm distribution option to choose. I suggest Autodesk to incorporate Type C storm distribution in Storm and Sanitary Analysis as well as all Hydraflow extension provided under Civil 3d.


I'm also curious about this, as well.  Pennsylvania DEP is starting to require the use of the NOAA Storm Distribution when NOAA Atlas 14 rainfall data is incorporated into the models.  Is there any movements from AutoDesk to have this new distribution added to HydraFlow Hydrographs?

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Any update on this?  We've received requests from the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection to perform hydrologic analyses utilizing NOAA Region C and D distributions.  The current version of hydraflow we're using still does not have the NOAA Atlas 14 rainfall options in the storm distribution input.  

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