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Stop using the "Just Re-boot the PC" as a "Solution"

Stop using the "Just Re-boot the PC" as a "Solution"

Take for instance the "constant" and or "reoccurring" "problem - bug" of the "F-3 F-8" buttons being mixed up. Someone in an earlier post found this to be actually caused within or able to be reproduced quite easily in a few simple steps, while in a Mtext window.


Merely, Rebooting the PC in my opinion is "not a solution".

A "Solution" solves a problem, it does not not mask it, until the same thing happens again and again, etc....


So, if we must Re-boot our systems, can we just say we found a work-around, instead?


Because, this type of mentality gives a false representation of having this "Forum" in the first place.


My opinion, of coarse... Smiley Wink


Asking to reboot isn't intended as a solution, but a diagnostic measure to ensure everything is in a zero-state ie. no pending updates, registry changes, installation has completed, and so on.


Solutions in terms of this forum are not intended to note a solution with respect to the program but that the question has been answered acceptable even if its considered a work-around.  For example a question could be answered with "No, that's not possible" and marked as a solution - not because the program can actually do that but because the post answers the question correctly.


No disrespect is intended...


dgorsman said: Asking to reboot isn't intended as a solution...


You are correct... 


When on numerous occasions within this forum "certain leveled individuals" read into an ongoing post and based on the foreseen outcome, in your opinion, give an answer that is "acceptable even if its considered a work-around", such as, "the solution is to reboot the computer".


What happens is, they end up getting the SOLUTION and a KUDO for this fine piece of knowledge, which I find to contradict your first sentence.


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