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static/dynamic corridor to export to AutoCAD

static/dynamic corridor to export to AutoCAD

It seems that Civil 3D has an issue with large surfaces (*.mms files) when we want to export a c3d drawing to ACAD.

I have read that issue has solved in next SP.


However if my corridor is using that large surface as a surface target and my corridor is not auto-update (also surface is in not auto-update), when I try to use: WBLOCK, ExportC3DDrawing, ExportToAutoCAD, Etransmit,etc... crashes.


The solution is removing the large surface but then my corridor updates!!!! Why??? If my corridor is in not auto-update...

So it seems that Civil 3D needs another way to remain the old corridor even if we remove its surface target... 

For example, in the case of a surface profile or surface section, that profile or section is converted automatically to static if we remove its surface. I would like a similar behaviour for corridors. This way we could export the corridor to ACAD drawing without the need of its surface.


In fact, the "ExportC3DDrawing" should have the same options that WBLOCK, to select particular C3D objects to export to ACAD drawing instead of doing with the full drawing.



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