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Standard Dialog Box for "Set Working Folder"

Standard Dialog Box for "Set Working Folder"

I posted a couple of days ago about the export dialog box.


I wish that the "Set Working Folder" also included the "saved places".  I work on multiple projects everyday and find my self having to navigate a bunch when changing projects.  If this Dialog box was also the standard dialog box with Saved Places it would be very handy.


I am pretty good about keeping all of my current projects in the saved places as it saves a huge amount of time.




I agree that many of these dialog boxes need to provide the standard file selection capabilities - saved shortcuts, ability to paste a file path, etc.


I also work on 5-10 different projects a day (rare when it's only 2-3), but associating a given working folder's project to multiple precludes my need to manually navigate to different working folders - once associated, it (the working folder) changes automagically when a drawing is opened, when switching document tabs, etc.


Problem there is, having to manually associate new drawings created + saved to the same project - you'd think we could set working folder such that any drawing under the working folder is automagically associated - a would be 'relative association'.


... Maybe I should code an app for that; hrmm.





Would love to see a solution to this one. A colleague has a standard dialog box come up when he is setting a new working folder for data shorcuts, but he doesn't know how he got that to work. 

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