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Standalone LandXML reporting tool

Standalone LandXML reporting tool

This thread reminded me of the fact that Autodesk has a standalone tool for working with XML files which we produce from Civil 3d.  Many times I have delivered the design data from my project to a client or surveyor only to get a reply email asking for a printout version or a csv file etc.


The LandXML tool is not shipped as part of any Autodesk product, but it still works just fine for those of us who are fortunate enough to have a legacy copy installed.  What I'm asking for is an installer package for this software.   I don't want support or development, just give me a download link so that my clients or other users can make use of XML files without my involvement.



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This may be as simple as providing an XSLT file (and maybe a CSS file, if you're feeling fancy) with instructions to format as HTML tables, along with the appropriate instruction node in the LandXML file.  The XML file can then be opened in Excel with the table formatting intact, and saved as an Excel/CSV/etc. file if they feel like it.  This doesn't require any downloads, installs, etc.  I do this for a lot of my own (non-Land)XML report generation.


    > The LandXML tool is not shipped as part of any Autodesk product, 


Are you sure? I have it on my PC, and I think it came with Civil 2017. But nevertheless I support your idea.

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