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Splitting Regions - Loss of Data

Splitting Regions - Loss of Data

When a region is split that contains corridor transitions or manually selected corridor sections, this data is only retained in the first region and lost for the ones that are "split off". Can this feature be updated so that the data is correlated to the baseline / station and not the region?



Status changed to: Under Review

Hi @rwheelerXEXYH ,

Thanks for the idea. Do you mean the transition parameters are only saved on the first region? Just want to make sure I understand the issue.


Hi Tim, Thanks for the quick response.


I've followed up with the user. We've confirmed that the corridor transitions are not affected, but that the manually inputted corridor sections are lost if they are outside of the first region's station range.


Thanks again!

Hi @rwheelerXEXYH ,

I am now trying to do some research on this, I want to confirm what you mean by manually inputted corridor sections? If they are the frequencies that user added by themselves?

If yes, I have tried with the recent Alpha build of R2024.4, looks like the frequencies will not lost when I split the region into two, I must have some misunderstandings on this. could you help me to clarify the problem?

Thank you very much.

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