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Split Profiles - Allow Label for Spanning Segment on Both Views

Split Profiles - Allow Label for Spanning Segment on Both Views

When I split my profile across multiple Profile Views, invariably, there is a segment that is shown on (at least) two Profile Views.  But C3D will only allow the segment to be labeled ONCE.  When a segment spans across multiple Profile Views, please allow the label(s) for that segment to be shown on each Profile View.


This same problem exists in pipe networks. Storm and sanitary.

This should be a standard feature. I can't remember a project where this hasn't come up. I created a label style for profiles and pipes that allows me to drag the copy to the second profile view, this is only a work-around.

@doni49 This is already possible - you just need to use the "in view" options for profile labels.  To label my tangent grades, I draw an invisible line from "Anchor Tangent Start In View" to "Anchor Tangent End In View" and then place my tangent label at the midpoint of that line.  I use similar settings for vertical curves as well.  These ensure that a label is always present no matter where a profile view starts or ends.  Unfortunately, these same options don't exist for pipe networks.


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