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Split Profile space between the two profiles

Split Profile space between the two profiles

There should be a setting to allow space between the split profile. The elevations of the split profile overlap where the split is created making it hard to understand. I have had many comments from town and state agencies complaining so That I have to manually create my split profile to allow space and room for the two different elevations for the left and right side. I am surprised that this was not set up this way from the beginning. 


The "solution" to this problem was previously implemented by Autodesk with the Create Multiple Profile Views command. Unfortunately, the options in the command don't provide the granularity to be useful. Not sure if you've tried the feature. 


You may also want to provide a picture of what you want the feature to look like and what the desired result will be. Otherwise we might get a tool that still doesn't meet your needs.


We modify our styles a bit so it fits like the image below. This is standard in Nova Scotia, at least I've never seen it done another way.Split Profile.jpg


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Thank you for your input. I was trying to get this look. 79D10581-037A-4554-95A9-1AF064DC9751.jpeg


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