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Spanning Pipe Runs - Weld

Spanning Pipe Runs - Weld

Problem: Segmented pipe runs, and associated labels, and tables.


Description: Must draw a curved pipe and a straight pipe separate then, fight with spanning labels, hope that both the start and the end of each pipe in the span is in the correct direction or spanning labels do not correspond to correct locations, exporting to the table creates two pipes between non-null type manholes.


Solution: Can we create a "Weld" function that connects spanning pipes?


Also, while we are at it. More intuitive functions for pipe editing. Change a straight pipe to a curved pipe, or part of a pipe segment to a curve. Seems like if someone messes up the layout it becomes quite painful to fix, to the point that it is often better to start over.



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It seems like you're facing challenges with segmented pipe runs and labels in your design process. Introducing a "Weld" function to connect spanning pipes could be a helpful solution, ensuring accurate representation and avoiding issues with incorrect locations. Additionally, having more intuitive pipe editing functions, such as the ability to change a straight pipe to a curved one or modify specific segments, would greatly improve the editing experience. These enhancements would save time and prevent the need to start from scratch when layout adjustments are necessary. For more visit :

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