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solution for "curb in chamfers"

solution for "curb in chamfers"

In my opinion, the command "clear corridor bowties" is not always a solution. Even "clear corridor bowties" should ask us the offset value of the 2 entities (alignment or FL selected. Why do I have to draw 2 parallels to find the intersection point to pick?


In the following scenario I have to do the following:

I have a corridor for PAV (called PAV corridor), another corridor for curb and another corridor for sidewalk.

From the corridor PAV, I extract the dynamic corridor FL: "ETW_Pave1". This is my BaseLine for the next corridor "curb".

The issue with "PAV corridor" is its corridor frequency. If the FL "ETW_Pave1" changes of direction (bearing) then I have a problem in that vertex if "ETW_Pave1" has a frequency station next to that vertex because "curb" corridor can´t create properly the curb and I get a bowtie. "Clear corridor bowtie" not always solves this and I want a dynamic solution, I don´t want to add "clear corridor bowtie" manually.


The solution is easy but it could be more automatic.

I have to create a small corridor region for "PAV corridor" next to that vertex. Start or end station of that region is the vertex location.

That region has a length (end station - start station) maybe 0.40m or 1 meter according the width or the curb.

For this small region which I call it a patch 😉 its corridor Region frequency MUST HAVE inifinte, I don´t want frequency for that region except in the start and end station of the region obviously.


So, the idea to solve this, would be if we could set this directly in any corridor Region Frequency.


The corridor Region Frequency dialog MUST HAVE more options to avoid this: 

For example an option to exclude stations if they are very closest to the start or end station of the region.


exclude stations closest to start station: 0.50 meters.

exclude stations closest to end station:  .0.50 meters


A lot of times I have to change the corridor region frequency to solve this and not always is the solution.


So please, Autodesk staff, add a way to exclude stations in the corridor region frequency.



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