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Snappable Superelevation View and Labels

Snappable Superelevation View and Labels

I overlay the Superelevation View on Profile Views and then add a profile view label to call out the station of a change in the roadway cross slope. The linework within the Super View (i.e. Left Outside Lane) is not snappable, so it takes some effort to get it to make sure the label is displaying the correct station.


Perhaps along with allowing those lines to be snapped to, introducing Super View Label Styles so we can label them, drag them around, and all that good stuff labels provide.


Just an FYI, if you press the CTRL key plus selecting a superelevation line you can extract a polyline by right clicking and choosing Create Polyline. Then the polyline is snappable.


Ha, that's handy to know, but also crazy workflow. Did you figure that out by looking thru the CUI or something?

No, a coworker mention he'd found a secret command (a student of his wanted to do the same thing as you). Then I was looking to post ideas based on ideas I got during teaching Civil 3D, and then I tried doing the right click thing and found the secret command there. Then I upvoted your idea instead of creating a new one idea and wanted to share the workaround (which shouldn't be required).


To clarify's comment,

Ctrl+Left Click to select a particular superelevation line

Once the super line is selected let go of the Ctrl key,

Then Right click on the superelevation line

Create Polyline.jpg

Thanks, this is awesome.


But I do agree it seems like the super elevation view has some work to do so I we customize the labeling just a bit more.  For example 2.00%, I would like to be able to label 2.00% LT without having to explode the view.


I voted for the snappability of the super elevation lines and also that the display labels and station ranges can be added, a lot like the profile views.  I also place the super elevation view on the profile view, but as plain line work, because that is easiest.  May be they could integrate the super elevation data into a profile view somehow.

"May be they could integrate the super elevation data into a profile view somehow."

That would be added to the profile view as a "Superelevation Data" band on the Bands tab of the profile view properties. 


I agree with all of the above.  This Super Elevation View needs its own Layout tool bar to create stations & grade % points on the fly.  If the Super Elevation View is going to be overlayed on top of the profile view, then the elevation labels on the profile view is confusing with the grade % of the super elevation view. It probably needs to be separate from the profile view with that in mind.  It would be nice to have the super elevation view and the profile view placed together for plan production, just somehow label the difference between profile grid elevations and super elevation grade percentages. Then creating Super Elevation Views with the ability to have station ranges to go along with the profile views would also be nice.

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