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Smart Pipe Network Labels That Can Correctly Label the Size of a Pipe

Smart Pipe Network Labels That Can Correctly Label the Size of a Pipe

We need the ability to have smart Pipe Network Labels that automatically know the difference between a circular pipe and a non-circular pipe - or at least be able to build a style that can handle this on it's own. I would like to be able to label any pipe or structure and automatically have the size of the pipe show that the pipe is being labeled select the correct pipe size whether that be for a circular label or for a non-circular label style.


Typically, I would show a circular pipe label as:


12" DIA


and a non-circular as:


14" X 33"


I could see this going a couple of ways from a user-interface side. Perhaps build in a sub-style for Pipe Network Label styles that can control how to handle pipe sizes for each type of pipe.


Alternatively build in an option similar to Structure labels Text for Each that could handle the different pipe size labeling - though this would be more complex on the structure label side than the pipe label side given that we have to label multiple pipes coming into a structure.


Regardless of how it's done - the back end would simply be an If / Then statement checking the pipe's swept path shape if it's circular or non-circular and choosing how to label appropriately.


Pipe Network projects are getting more and more complex and this is a must have need as the number of label styles is getting ridiculous in order to manage labeling various pipes and structures that have or don't have non-circular pipes and cant' conform to the typical standard of XX" DIA.

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