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Slope arrow for curved lines

Slope arrow for curved lines

A slope arrow that could show the slope along a curved line of a surface would be very convenient. Could be achieved by use of three points, I guess, instead of the one or two that are currently available to show slopes along straight lines.









I assume that you are looking for a surface label.


This is interesting, but I am not sure how it should work in general.
Civil 3D surfaces are a network of plane triangle. In my mind the kind of arrow you are asking for would be a line of constant slope from start to end. This line would be a polyline with an angle point where ever it crossed a TIN line. It may or may not approximate a curve.


Would you want this to include a calculated slope? Would the slope value be from point 1 to point 3?


That's right Chris, I want an arrow showing the elevation difference of two points on a surface divided by the length of a curve between them. Of course in order to define the curve, the user would need to use at least 3 points, so the elevation difference would be that of the 2 extreme points.


I think that currently this is how slope is calculated, isn't it? You can show a slope between 2 points of a surface, even if the line between them crosses one or more triangles of the surface.



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