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showing properly the output parameter value

showing properly the output parameter value

I don´t know if it´s a bug.

For some reason, if we have a subassembly with output parameters, the output value is the reverse of the input parameter value.


Look at this example:




input parameter = 2:1     (horizontal / vertical)


output parameter = 0.50 = 1: 2


Luckily the another subassembly gets this value correctly but people could be confused with this showed value.


It happens the same with grade:


input parameter=  + 2%


output parameter = -2%


As the person designing the SA, you control what it outputs.  Before declaring it as a bug, I'd like to examine the pkt file.


My point in transition SA takes a cross slope as an input parameter, performs some calculations and then returns an output parameter showing what the cross slope is at the current station.  I don't remember experiencing what you've described.



Sorry, it is only with custom subassemblies.


This is a basic custom subasssembly made with SAC 2015.


In Civil 3D, Slope_OUT appears with "0.5"





"It is not related to custom SA.

It happens the same with stock subassemblies."


Ouch!  I didn't realize that's what you were saying.  I saw SAC in the image you posted and thought you had created the SA.  And since I don't understand spanish, I couldn't check anything else about the image.


I think that I know what´s the reason:


if a slope value (slope type) is returned in double type, then is the reverse value.


For example, if you want to use a slope such as 2:1  in "Delta X" for some point, you must type this: 1/ slope.


Then the subassembly in SAC calculates this 1/0.5= 2


So, I think that the reason is when the slope is converted to double value.



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