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Shoulder fillet vs. surface target daylight rounding

Shoulder fillet vs. surface target daylight rounding

In the Netherlands we have regulations about the rounding of shoulders. In Civil3D there is an stock subassembly 'ShoulderParabolicDaylight', in this subassembly you can define the length of the rounding. That is awesome, we do need to define the rounding by a fixed radius, Compare the images below;


CROW 0705 blz. 27.jpg


To fix our problem there are two options in my opinion;

One, add an stock subassembly where we can define this rounding radius.

Or option two, give us the possibility to 'compose' an subassembly with this functionality.

Main problem with the subassembly composer is to attach the surface target rounding at the right location, you can just attach them to a line, not to an arc (or fillet). So there is a point where the surface target rounding crosses the fillet rounding and there is no way to fix this (for as far as I now), so the subassembly won't work correctly.

See the image below;

Subassembly Composer shoulder rounded.jpg


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