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Sheet Set Manager Sheet View Move Command

Sheet Set Manager Sheet View Move Command

It would be great if we could launch a command in Sheet Set Manager to move Sheet Views already established on a Sheet Set Drawing to a different Sheet within the Sheet Set.


I would be happy even if this only worked within a Sheet Set drawing that has multiple layouts in its drawing file.  We run across this all of the time when we have a Sheet Set Drawing with multiple Layout tabs with Details as Sheet Views.  Engineers change their mind all of time.  The current configuration only allows for deleting/re-creating the the Sheet View, thus breaking all detail and label call out links to the deleted Sheet View.  



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I second this. I often run into the same problem Mike is describing where we mock up sheets for print, only to have the quantity and organization of the details change during the course of the project. It would be excellent to have a dialog that allowed drag and drop functionality between layouts/tabs.

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I third this. I've spent too much time trying to figure a way to move details around, and have all of the callouts in the sheet set update.


On that note, has anyone found a way to efficiently move details around on sheets, and not have to sort through every sheet in the set to adjust detail reference information? 


i fourth this....times the number of years this thread is open 3. WHICH means I get 18 votes off the island


I fourth this....times the number of years this thread is open 3. WHICH means I get 18 votes off the island


Apparently Autodesk has no Sheet Set Manager R&D budget unfortunately.  It has been the same clunky interface for decades. 


I am really surprised no one else finds this idea useful.  Only 4 votes in 3 years...sigh Smiley Mad


I agree with the OP. I find it hard to believe there is not a solution for dynamically linked detail bubble callouts throughout the set while moving details between layouts.  


Wow... Just realized I commented on this thread 3 years ago 

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