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Sheet Set Manager Etransmit w/ or w/o explode AECC needs to be WAY more reliable

Sheet Set Manager Etransmit w/ or w/o explode AECC needs to be WAY more reliable

Etransmit - Explode AECC objects has too often failed over the years.  It really needs to be more reliable.


So many times do I get an ‘etranmit Failed’ error with no useful information as to why.  Then it is necessary to do etransmit one dwg at a time or in smaller groups.  Enormous amounts of time is wasted because the software does not work as expected.


Also, in addition to the fact that it fails ‘so frequently’.  Most of the time, or maybe all of the time, if explode AECC objects is selected it fails to do so.


I have some who say they never use etransmit because ‘it never works’ when exploding aecc objects.  They generally prefer to use the EXPORTTOAUTOCAD commands.  The problem here is that those commands can not work on a sheet set.  They only work on one drawing at a time.


Also, it is confusing for training users on which command to use: Archive/Etransmit/Export to AutoCAD.  Generally, they all do a similar task.  I would opt for one command that would work consistently and would also work on sheet sets.


Finally, whenever one uses etransmit it should also, keep the settings for the last time someone ran the etransmit.  This is really annoying when the users needs to pick all the same seething that you taught them the last time they did the etransmit.  I know you can save settings for etransmit but the command should also remember the last options that were used.

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