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Sharing Subassemblies

Sharing Subassemblies

The goal is to be able to share custom subassemblies easier using tool palettes. Thanks to Civil 3D 2024, this is far easier now that before, but I think it could be even better. 


Please allow us to remove the hard-coded path to the PKT file and allow the AutoCAD support files search path setting to find it. A municipality or other organization could package a tool palette containing PKT files and as long as the path is stored in the search path, all would work well.


I'll explain...


When blocks are added to a palette, theirs paths are hard-coded.



The path to the block can be removed and if that path is stored in the AutoCAD support files search path, the block is found. Removing hard-coded paths provides a more streamlined way to share palettes.



Currently, subassemblies added to a palette have a hard-coded path. However, if I remove the path and add that path to the search path, the PKT is NOT found, unlike blocks. 




Status changed to: Under Review

Thanks for the idea, @mathewkol . I'm happy the 2024 enhancements help, but there's always room for improvement.


I agree the linked PKT file is a TREMENDOUS improvement but I don't like needing to put it on a palette.  I'd much rather just insert it similar to an XREF or BLOCK.  I'm assuming that if I give someone a dwg file that uses my custom subassembly, they won't have to also insert it into their palette before using it.  If that's the case, then I presume there is a link somewhere within the dwg file.


If my presumption is WRONG, then it's still a step that should not be necessary.


@doni49 as long as the SA is in the DWG, they need to do nothing. But the PKT file needs to exist somewhere. So you do need to package PKT's when you send DWGs.


@mathewkolLet's run with that and discuss a hypothetical.  I create a custom SA, add it to my dwg file.  My dwg file identifies a location on our network.  Then I package everything up and send it to you.  Assuming you don't have the same network structure as me, what do you need to do to properly use my files?  I 



When I open your DWG, I will see this in the Prospector. There is a pointer in the DWG that stores the path to your PKT. As you suggested, I would not have that same path. I would right click, as I have shown, and select Fix Mussing Paths and browse to the location I have saved it. Then it all works. Kind of the same thing one would do with XREFs that don't exist in the same folder as the parent drawing.


Interestingly, thee is also an option to browse to a completely different PKT file if there is a new update and it is a different name.


FYI, the reason I'm asking for this new feature is to share a bunch of PKTs with my staff. They are very easy to access when they are stored in tool palettes and it's easy to right click them and pick the Help option when they need to.




👍If you DON'T "fix missing paths", does the corridor display based on the way the SA as it was the last time it COULD be found?  Or does it act like the SA isn't even there?


@doni49 When the drawing is opened, the corridor will appear the way it was when the drawing was saved last. Problem is, when you rebuild the corridor, you'll get this message if the PKT is not found. If you can't path to it, you won't be able to rebuild the corridor.


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