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Sharing points in data shortcuts

Sharing points in data shortcuts

I thought you could share points in datashortcuts up until yesterday when I tried to do it & Autodesk tech support said it wasn't possible.  I learned we could do it in vault but for some reason Autodesk doesn't allow for points to be shared on datashortcuts.  It seems pretty obvious that this would be really useful and needed so I am shocked I can't do it.  This needs to be incorporated ASAP.  I thought the entire point of data shortcuts was to share data on a project. 

Mickey, We use survey databases to share points across multiple drawings. The survey databases work on the same principle as data shortcuts but instead are located on the survey tab on the toolspace. Why are they not part of the data shortcuts is beyond my understanding. To use the survey databases, use import survey data instead of insert points from file. This will prompt you to create a new survey database and edit the database settings. Be sure your settings are to US survey feet and not International Feet. We found out the hard way this setting is very important. Once the points are in the database, you can set the working folder in multiple drawings to find the survey database you created. From there you can insert points to your drawing. Hope this helps. Zeke



I too have never understood the gaps in logic behind Data Shortcuts, in this instance, with Points. 




For those using Survey DB - this may be of some help:







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