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Share the same alignment for OffsetAssembly and the BaseLine.

Share the same alignment for OffsetAssembly and the BaseLine.

Sometimes, we have to make a project with 2 platforms in different levels each one.

Both platforms are parallels in plant and different in elevation: delta Y


I use "OffsetAssembly" in the left side of the assembly to add subassemblies (left platform).


Then I can use "MarkedPoint" and "LinKtoMarked" to join them.


However, there is a limitation in the Corridor, and it is that I cannot use the same aligment for the BaseLine and the OffsetAssembly:




I would like that Autodesk staff consider this limitation and solve it because then we could draw in the same profile view 2 profiles (the left side and the right side profile for each platform).

Moreover, some operations to have a main design profile and a child design profile (they will be always parallel in delta Y). The child design profile will be dynamic if I edit the main design profile.


This is more practise than to have to create a new alignment (in general an offset alingment) and create a design profile in another profile view.



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