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Selection of Objects: What TYPE objects are needed?

Selection of Objects: What TYPE objects are needed?

If I choose a command that requires me to select a Profile View (just for example) my profile view just happens to be near some other object, WHY ON EARTH do I then need to select Profile View from the selection cycling dialog?  The selection command should just filter out ineligible objects. 


I can even do this in plain old AutoLISP.  SURELY you can do it within the Acad code too.


In addition allow us to select from a list (for all commands that require selecting an object). For instance using the 'so transparent command really needs to allow us to select an alignment from a list. 


Yes, absolutely!


I'm so surprised we haven't seen this yet. I still have to resort to Selection Cycling to select an alignment if anything else is near, even labels.


If our friends at Autodesk were to provide this feature, it would not only be an agent of streamlining, it would help avoid mistakes. Who doesn't want that? Great idea, @doni49.




Any progress on this? Seems like a very useful solution. And has probably been gathering support since 2015.


@lambertb I'd suggest creating a post in the Civil 3D forum asking for more support.

One of the obstacles for this is that Selection Cycling is an AutoCAD function. Civil 3D would have to bypass that if it were on.


@AllenJessup I'm finding that I missed a lot of comments on some old Ideas that I posted.  I'm looking through them now to see which ones have been implemented and/or if I have learned any new ways of accomplishing what I wanted to do (yes I've got some down time at the moment).


When using AutoLISP, if I want to create a selection set, I can use the (SSGET) function. That will prompt me to select the items I want to select.  But if I want to select ONLY lines, I can use (SSGET '(0 . "LINE")) to make it so that acad will not select anything that is not a line.  If there are two lines within the selection aperture, then it'll display the Selection Cycling dialog.  You could even use a window crossing to that covers a huge area with a lot of objects -- but only LINES would be selected.  I have to imagine that there is code within the C3D software that could do similar.

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@doni49 There is code within C3D software. This would be super easy to implement (as you indicated in Lisp), but Autodesk just doesn't care about you, a current customer. They are busy creating half-finished features to convince the next sucker to buy their products. Autodesk already knows you won't abandon them, regardless of how horrible they treat you. You'll keep sending them recurring yearly payments.

To grant this Idea I would budget 8 hours. 1/2 hour to find the location in the code, 1/2 hour to program the change, and 7 hours to test. I wonder how many hundred of hours Autodesk would budget for it which makes it too expensive to implement. 

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