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Select all objects contained in a "folder" in the ToolSpace.

Select all objects contained in a "folder" in the ToolSpace.

There is a new feature in Civil 3D 2017 which we can create new folders in the Tool Space, to group surfaces, corridors, alignments...

Right now, there are a few options in the context menu about folders (when you right click on the folder) like:

- rename folder.

-add new folder in.

-erase folder.



I would like this new option: "Select objects", so all objects contained within the selected folder are selected in the drawing.


Moreover, there was a new feature in C3D 2016 (I think) to add alignments or FL as horitonzal targets in the Region from a LAYER.

It would be interesting if we can do this also selecting a particular folder of alignments.





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