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Select a point style by code parameter

Select a point style by code parameter

Inroads can supposedly do this. How about being able to select a different point style by a point code parameter? Instead of having to code DEC and CON for the tree codes, how about just TREE with DEC and CON as parameters and being able to select the style based on that?


Are you talking about the desciption key application to the points? 


Or Point Groups? If point groups you can do it by modifying the point group query as shown in this crappy video:


Definitely Description Keys - not a property override. Description keys are much more portable and easier to work with. If I remember how Microstation does it there is a way to say the point classification is based on point code + (parameter 1, or 2, etc). This way you can do it point code by point code. This could be SUPER handy for modern data collectors where you set your code based on feature (TREE, HYDRANT, INLET, etc.) and a list of options come up for parameter entry (TREE - DEC or CON, HYD - 2 or 3 plug, INL - TYPE. etc). Think of it acting similarly to a GIS stylization with a THEME.



Point group query doesn't work. It hasn't for years. I wish it would, but it randomly changes it's query properties. When I query points in from a survey database and then add query parameters in point groups based on user defined point classifications, the drawings could work fine for weeks and then all of a sudden they forget the query properties and randomly select something different. Because this doesn't happen all the time, It's a hard bug to go over with support...

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