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SectionPoints with codes (Start and End)

SectionPoints with codes (Start and End)

This wish is for the API of Civil 3D about SectionPoints:



If we have a section in the profile view and the section has 2 or more segments (there is no connection between some vertex), then we need information about this in the SectionPoints.


Sample:  (station, offset,elevation, code)


0.000, -25.000,23.452,S        ("S" is Start)



0.000,10.000,56.743,E      ("E" is End)

0.000, 15.000,43.657,S

0.000, 25.000,24.232,E


In the Station 0.000, there is no section data between the offset 10.000 and 15.000




If the section point is (station, offset, elevation), then we get a code: Start or End when the one of the segments of the section starts or ends up.


I need this information (codes) in the sectionPoints when I extract the SectionPoints from the Surface Sections.

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