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Section View style: Grid at profile Grade Points"

Section View style: Grid at profile Grade Points"

In my opinion this component is bad designed.

In case that my select a profile (surface profile) for an alignment and that profile does not have elevations then the grid of the alignment is not showed. Grid of the alignment should be independent of the mark of the profile. Why do I need a profile if I just want to show the offset of an alignment versus my main alignment?

Moreover that component has a colour but in the Section View Group properties we were able to set a colour for each alingment to override that default color of the component.



And I don´t understand why once you add Profiles in the Section View Group properties, if you open again that dialog box you see nothing. Is empty. How can I know what profiles are added in the section views?

That modeless window is really bad designed. The user cannot control which profiles are already added.



1) There is no way to assign a particular color for the grid of each profile.

2) There is no way to label the alignment´s name next to the grid

3) If an alignment intersects twice or more times with the sample line then it shows a single grid in the section view..




1.) Could you use different marker styles to accomplish your requirement for assigning colors to each profile?


2.) In the Section View Style, there is the ability to place the parent alignment name next to the grid. Does that satisfy your requirement?



The other requirements in this idea have yet to be addressed, but I hope the above suggestions will help.


Hi Tim.

1) This feature always needs  a profile for the "projected" alignment. If profile has a portion without data, then there is no mark in  section views within these station range.

In my opinion, user should set 2 items:

-a mark (vertical grid with a particular color) for the "projected" alignment regardless of whether it has a profile or not.

(is there any mark which was a vertical grid and it updates if you changes the vertical scale of the section view?)

-In case you assign a profile for the "projected" alignment the you should set a mark, for example a circle to mark the elevation in the section view.

Sometimes I don´t need the mark (elevation) just the vertical grid to study offsets between alignments.


2)Yes, you can label the name of the parent alignment in the grid (offset=0) but I don´t refer about that. I mean the name of each "projected" alignment labeled next to the vertical grid of each projected alignment.


3)If sample line crosses twice or more times with an alignment then section view just show a single mark





Thank you for clarifying, @joantopo 

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