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Section View Codes in band

Section View Codes in band

It would be nice if we could have corridor codes labeled in section bands instead of in profile area. Currently only the surface data can be shown in bands.




First create an empty data band, with the name of band only. Add this to the section vew without any offset. This will contain your labels later. Now comes the second step. Select your section viewm and edit the code set style of your corridor. In Code Set Style, you should find your corridor point listed under points (if not, import code by selecting it from the assembly). At the label style field, select "New Style" and create a text label. The anchor point of this text label should be the bottom of your section view. Now The text value could be code point elevation. Alighn your text to middle bottom, set rotation to 90. Finallly, the offset value for Y should be the Data band height/2. Now the label for the given corridor point will display at the middle of data band.

To prevent covering corridor points too close to each other, it is recommended to create another label style, but this time align the text to middle top, so it will appear at the opposite side. Alternatively make your label style such way, that if you move it, its appearance will stay the same (selectable at the second tab).


This works with C3d2018.

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Thank you, neighbor, very helpful information. I will try it as soon as I can.

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