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Section Label placed as a title in the Section View

Section Label placed as a title in the Section View

The following picture is the typical representation of section views in Spain.



In the right side (or the top) of the section view we have the elevation on the Axis for serveral surfaces (EG,top,datum,etc..)

Currently, we could do that with surface sections but the location of the label is relative to the surface section (<feature>) not the Section View Object:




So, in the "Anchor Component" of a Section label Style I would also like to select the Section View object and determine the "Anchor Point" according to the edges of the Section View (and top Axis, bottom Axis, left midle section view, right middle section view, etc..)


I know that I could put a "Y offset" to offset the label outside the Section View but my sections views have different elevation ranges and if I don´t want to change that value every time I change the Vertical Scale.


Maybe, you are thinking in the title of the Section View but there we can´t add data about elevations of the surface sections. (just data about Station, alignment´s name, etc..)


If we could do that, we could simulate that title using section labels outside the section view limits.



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Well.. there is another issue:  "Update Group Layout" command does not take into account if the section labels are outside of the Section View due to is designed so that the Section Labels are placed inside the Section View.

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