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Seamlessly Import Online LIDAR Data

Seamlessly Import Online LIDAR Data

The software currently allows import of Microsoft Maps, Aerial, and Hybrid basemaps. It would be great to be able to add LIDAR data available online, seamlessly. A bonus would be the option to create a surface from that data.


Several services already offer the ability to download LIDAR data with user-chosen extents.  Currently that data needs to be added and processed manually. Attached is our workflow for doing this in Minnesota with a shapefile downloaded from the MNTOPO website.

Status changed to: Gathering Support

@rlattaQWEML , Can we have a session to understand your request? Your document looks as though you are trying to import the Contours into C3D, not lidar data itself. If that is true, you might be able to get those public contours via Connector for ArcGIS. I would like to check with you to ensure we are on the same page.


Yes, I'd love to chat about this. I don't see a major use case at this point for bringing the LIDAR data itself in, just the contours.


I'm not finding the MNTOPO dataset I want on the connector. I imagine other states/government agencies have their own datasets, so I can see it being useful elsewhere besides just MN.


This type of non-survey grade data helps with drainage studies and preliminary design, but the current workflow for bringing it in is clunky and takes too long.


@rlattaQWEML wrote:

...  I don't see a major use case at this point for bringing the LIDAR data itself in, just the contours.

If your contours work for you this is great.


I am not a fan of contour-based surfaces. Ridges and valleys are not captured well, Looping contours can create large flat areas and stair steps that do not represent reality.


Good Luck.

Status changed to: Under Review

ChrisRS - I agree, but as I said contours are good for preliminary analysis prior to survey, or for analyzing large areas and their drainage direction (if not for their precision or accuracy). However, when putting together a crude surface profile for utilities, etc they are helpful when part of a reference surface.





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