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Save/Load Layer Filter Trees

Save/Load Layer Filter Trees

Restore the icons that used to be in the Layer Properties Manager of Civil 3D 2016 for controlling the saving and loading of layer filter trees.  They were very convenient and worked well.  As a replacement for the icons, I made command aliases LFTS for LAYERSAVEFILTERTREE and LFTL for LAYERLOADFILTERTREE.  Now, whenever I load a .LFT file, I have to either switch to another DWG file and then back again, or close and reopen the Layer Properties Manager to get the newly loaded filter tree to display.  That never happened when the icons were available.  I have 59 custom filters based on a public works engineering CAD standard that I load with every DWG file.


Hi @JohnPachol 

Because the commands are still available, you can tweak the windows registry just a little to make the icons show up again in the layer properties manager. I wrote a simple step by step direction on how to enable the icons again at the link below:

Hope this helps,




The fix works great!!  Thanks for sharing that.  I did it for Civil 3D 2020.  The registry key is similar to Civil 3D 2019, as described in your fix.2019-07-23 10_10_55-Registry Editor.png


Please bring back the functionality that we had before. Not everyone wants (or is allowed) to change the registry. 


Why would you remove this feature? Am I now supposed to create all of these filters by scratch again? Please return the ability to save and import layer filters. We are creating our base templates for 2020 and I am not happy about this at all.


Please Please bring back this function!!!!  We need it!  It is a great time saver.

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