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Sample Line Tools Toolbar

Sample Line Tools Toolbar

Right now, I don´t like the ways to get acces to that Toolbar.

Generally, we must use the command "CreateSampleLines" in the ribbon.


If you select a SampleLine in the drawing, the context ribbon has the "EditSampleLine" command, but this command is stupid because we have to select again the parent alignment.


If we select a sample line in the drawing, I would like an option in the context menu called "Open Sample Line Tools Toolbar" which automatically select the properly SLG and then I can add new sample lines in the same SLG quickly without using the command "CreateSampleLines" which I think is a little bit confusing once you have created your sampleLines and you want to add more.





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The same for grading tools bar.

I would like to select a grading in the drawing, right click to show the  context menu and the option"open grading tools bar".



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