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Sample Line Stations "AUTOMATIC" to the Corridor Frequency?

Sample Line Stations "AUTOMATIC" to the Corridor Frequency?

Surface from Corridor is not correct in Section Views, if you place the Sample Line between the Stations (Frequency) of your Corridor (Screenshot attached). You have to edit the Corridor Frequency for that Region, and add manually the Station in Corridor Frequency Settings, that is needed for this Sample Line.For Swiss Customer this is a major issue, as they never define the Sample Lines according to the Corridor Frequency.Would it be possible, to add here new Functionality, which allows you to add the Sample Line Stations "AUTOMATIC" to the Corridor Frequency?


Yes, I agree with you, but I think that this is a hard task to solve it by programming.


If this process was automatic then the Sample Line Group would create more sample lines or remove some of them (because it is very strange you have always the same amount of sample lines in a corridor).


Moreover, there are other objects dependent of SampleLine Group such as Section Views. (and its organization in layouts = Plan production)



The best workaround is never create sample lines during the project, just in the final part when we are decided to print (plan production), using specifically the command: create sample lines from corridor.


In fact, if you create sample lines and section views during your project, the drawing file is heavier and slower to edit.


As I said, it is not only a question of  moving a sample line to another station. The issue is sometimes is needed adding or  removing SL if you want to match with the corridor frequency.


I could see making it DEFAULT to be same as the corridor frequency.


Imagine that you edit the Radius of an arc of your alignment, and this Radius is bigger.

Then, corridor has more cross sections, so the same SLG needs to add more Sample Lines.



Moreover, more sample lines indicate more section views and they should be properly distributed in plan production.




@TimYarris what do you think?
would be easy to solve?




Hi @dischc . As @joantopo mentioned, I'm not sure it would be "easy" to solve, but it is possible. We've heard similar feedback from others on this issue. 

One consideration is regarding performance. Using Joan's example, if the alignment radius changes, would you expect sample lines to be automatically added/removed with each change (and potentially section views added/removed)? Or should there be a notification of some sort when the number of section views does not equal the number of sample lines?


For me,  a button called "update corridor sample lines" would be enough. It is not needed a dynamic behaviour every time we do a modification in the corridor.


Hello @TimYarris  and @joantopo 

thanks for your feedback.
i think it should happen automatically.
as you can see on my screenshot (first post), otherwise the calculation will be wrong.

if the alignment radius changes, the sample line stays at the same station. and exactly at this station the calculation has to be done.

in principle the sample line must be used for the coridor calculation


I support this idea. Just last week I would have been happy if this functionality was available. Manually tracking the sample line stations is a tedious job and always takes a lot of time.

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